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from Invisible Network, powered by Everything IT – Bath’s favourite WiFi Specialists

Dramatic WiFi Improvements to existing systems, new Wireless Network Design and Professional WiFi installation for your home or business, indoors and out, temporary or permanent.

Take a look at the list of applications; can you identify you or your home or your business? If you can then the odds are that Bath’s WiFi Specialists can supply you with a powerful WiFi system that will do far more than you ever dreamed it could…

… and that doesn’t just mean reaching every part of your premises, no matter how solidly built or large they are.   (Although Everything IT’s considerable experience with many of Bath’s finest stone built Listed buildings will assure you of that!)

Future Proofing Homes

There’s a lot more to WiFi than meets the eye. Home technology is just the start.

How many ‘Smart’ Internet Devices do you have? Smart TVs, Sonos, Alexa, Bose, Nest, Hive and more …

Time saving, secure and practical for busy families – invaluable for those with mobility issues too: see more great ideas at Future Proofing your Home

At Invisible Network we don’t just reach parts of buildings that others fail to reach, we offer everything from a literally invisible network, completely hidden from view to a very visible network with wireless access points programmed with full lighting effects.

Oh, and did we mention we are “Superfast Business Specialists”? We can help you enjoy some of the very fastest Internet – even if your home or business is in the remotest of areas not usually served by ‘normal’ Internet at all!  So whatever you need, for fast, reliable WiFi Internet – we can help.

Small business WiFi Specialists

If you own a restaurant, pub, coffee shop, hotel, club or any other place where customers relax with their smartphones, laptops or tablets, we can supply a WiFi system that will require your customers to “Like” and “Follow” you on social media, give you their email addresses and allow you to analyse site statistics allowing you to target your marketing… in fact you’ll be amazed at what an Invisible Network WiFi system can do for you.

Take a browse around our web pages, to see what we can do for you. Or why not call us now on 01225 434343.

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