Case studies

Twisted pairs

There’s nothing more frustrating than for you to spend hours installing an all-singing WiFi system in your home, only to find that it doesn’t work. And even more frustrating  – when it seems to work some of the time and not others.

The answer? Ask Invisible Network to perform a full WiFi Survey and Audit.

That’s what customer Olly Norton did when his new system was causing him problems. It didn’t take us long to discover what was going on – it was twisted pairs. Using a very clever and extremely expensive piece of testing equipment, we were able to identify which of the several access points had been wired incorrectly, check each for a good signal and advise Olly how to correct the problem.

His comment?

I have a lovely neat cabinet downstairs with a patch panel, switch and router all enclosed within. Fixing the split pairs in the wiring has made the world of difference. I’m getting between 2 and 3 times the speeds I was before but crucially the intermittent and unreliable performance has gone. Most brilliant of all is the wired backbone now works exactly as I originally wanted and I have been able to add access points without issue in about 2 minutes. Given that I have spent dozens of hours of frustration trying to set these up previously and just been unable to get it to work as it should; this is simply a delight!

I would never have found that split pair problem and would have remained frustrated and annoyed that I was unable to set up a simple wireless network. Who knows how long I would have put up with slow, unreliable internet and patchy wifi.

Thanks to your service I now have super-fast and reliable wifi coverage in every part of my home and garden – and you can quote me on that 😊

Five Storeys of Entertainment

A very stylish five story Georgian town house in the centre of Bath sensitively converted into a restaurant, conference rooms, apartments, cocktail bars and function rooms – with office HQ above that! Like so many fine Bath stone buildings, its walls are thick and the vaults impenetrable to normal WiFi, but unlike the usual pub considerations our challenge was to make sure that full WiFi is available from the roof-top down to all the vaulted seating areas in the cellar Basement Bar and Nightclub. There were a number of additional factors, such as the need for each conference room to have its own discrete system, plus the capability for full audio and visual conferencing.

From the very eaves to the deepest basement, the dining rooms, bars, conferencing, suites, offices and apartments are all are now covered by our Invisible Network.

This can further be used to carry a separate, secure encrypted circuit so the staff can take orders and payments from seats or tablets anywhere throughout the entire building – indoors and out. As a postscript to this case history, one of Bath’s first ever Tweet-ups was held here. We had been commissioned to design the system so that around 50 people could be logged on to the WiFi at any one time and receive full signal. That evening over 200 attended, and all got happily on line.

A Very Special Pub

There is a very special pub in Bath. It’s an historic free house and home for live music on the edge of Bath city centre it is co-operatively owned by 536 of its customers, fans and workers since 2013. It remains, to date, the largest pub buyout project in Britain.

For Invisible Network installing wide area WiFi presented a number of problems. For a start it’s a very old Georgian building with thick stone walls, and then there’s the size, it’s a large pub, with a garden out the back and a separate function room behind that again. There was also an existing WiFi system in place, but, as with so many other WiFi systems, this presented a considerable risk as it was really quite easy to accidentally browse beyond the WiFi system, even to the point of logging in to the accounts system and tills.

With the system we’ve installed security is guaranteed. All guests are now greeted with a friendly “what’s on” list of upcoming bands and the opportunity to join the mailing list, increasing take up from an average 15 a month to over 80 in the first three weeks! And with Invisible Network, the management is now able to capture an extraordinary amount of information about their clients for marketing purposes. This includes the obvious with names, addresses and contact details, but our system can also track whether customers have been before, how long they stay and what their preferences are, making targeted marketing very easy.

A Large Field in Somerset

We don’t really talk a lot about this, largely because it’s something we’ve been doing for many years for the love of it, not money.  The good causes benefit and we run this free of charge. Nonetheless it’s the case that we were the first to provide access to WiFi on the site many years before it became publicly available. We still have fond memories of all the journalists making their way to our acoustic area to get a signal and file their reports.

We were also the first to come up with a complete ticketing and accreditation system able to produce passes on site, there and then. The system had bar coding and could even locate a missing band member, as well as control all the onsite catering, and this at a time when electronic systems of that type were unheard of at festivals or anywhere else…    Believe us when we say that that all this was no mean feat, especially when you remember that this was in the days before handheld phones became the norm. We were even making whole desktop computers run reliably outdoors in the muddy fields. Happy days!

Why do we tell you all this? To let you know that we’ve been involved in Networking and WiFi for far longer than most, and that you can trust us to find exactly the right solution for ANY project you may be looking at, fixed or temporary, inside or out, big or small.