Event WiFi

Where you want it. Indoors. Outdoors. Anywhere.

Want to provide WiFi at the next event you’re organising? Talk to us. Wide area WiFi is one of our specialities (we’ve been setting Glastonbury Music Festival’s WiFi up since the 1990s).

Big or small, we can help — from sports arenas and exhibition galleries, to small pop-up stands and market stalls.

You have all the power. You can give guests immediate access, or ask them to login via social media so that they ‘follow’ you en route. You can collect their contact details for future marketing, or geo-track to pinpoint precise usage (who and where and for how long they attend your event). You can charge them a fee, limit their access time, or secure the usage for mobile terminals (PDQ – card payment machines). It’s completely up to you.

Invisible Network makes whatever option you choose happen, quickly, effectively and with the minimum fuss. Why not give us a call now to talk through the details of your next event?

“Everything about this company is first class.” – John M, Bath

Your building, your budget, your preference. You only have to ask.