WiFi where you want it. Indoors. Outdoors. Anywhere.

Want to provide WiFi at the next event you’re organising? Talk to us. Wide area WiFi is one of our specialities. If we tell you that we’ve been involved with a rather large outdoor music festival in Somerset since the 1990s … you’ll know what we mean!

From regular outdoor events such as Exhibitions and Sports Arenas to one-off pop-up Market Stalls or annual shows, we can help you make your next event an even greater success.

There are several possibilities here. Your event may be in the middle of no-where with no option of local broadband …or somewhere where there’s good local reception. Either possibility could influence the service you offer.    You could give immediate access, or you could require them to access via Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter, so that they follow you en route. If you choose you can collect all the names and email details of those using your WiFi service, giving you an important resource for future marketing.

You could charge for your service to make a profit or provide it free to attract additional visitors. Time controlled or unlimited. It can be securely used for mobile terminals (PDQ – card payment machines). Geo tracking to pinpoint precise usage – who and where and how long they stay to attend your event.

The information may be used for future marketing, sold to your exhibitors or included as part of the entrance price – it’s entirely up to you!

Whatever way you decide to implement your WiFi offer, Invisible Network can make it happen, quickly, effectively and with the minimum fuss. Why not give us a call now to discuss your next project.

WiFi where you want it. Indoors. Outdoors. Anywhere.

Your building, your budget, your preference. You only have to ask.