Future-proofing your home

Home technology expertise on tap

Can you run your bath from your car, turn on the oven from your office (wherever it is), decide to record a TV programme from the restaurant, open and close your curtains while on holiday, dim the lights and change their colour, control the temperature at home ready for your visit back – all at the flick of an app?

This is called the Internet of Things (IoT) and before very long everything in your home, from central heating to windows, lights and blinds to sound systems and home appliances will be able to communicate, send you information and take your commands.

All these home automation possibilities above are available right now and is what you should be thinking about when considering any change or improvements to your home WiFi, because that’s what IoT relies upon.

And the good news is, not only are all these features readily available today, but the majority are far more affordable than many people realise.

Invaluable for those of us with mobility issues too – to be able to control so much just by the power of your voice.   Switch home appliances on and off, see who is at the front door and open it (or close it – or lock it), turn on a light, change the radio station or volume, turn up the heating, make a phone call for help – all without leaving your seat.

Happily Invisible Network is ahead of the game, we know what’s coming, we know the impact it’s going to have. More importantly, we know what to do about it and how to make sure your home is future-proof, ready to assimilate any and all the new technology that’s here to stay.

We can help with as much or as little as you wish to:

  • install and setup your home technology
  • smart dimmable lighting / colour changing lights in any room
  • voice or app control for anything you wish
  • setup smart TV and sound systems such as sonos or bose
  • configure your remote viewing of home cctv
  • eliminate wifi dead spots to extend full coverage throughout your whole home
  • integrate whole-house google home / amazon echo (alexa)
  • smart heating systems such as hive and nest
  • crystal clear phone calls even from the deepest, vaulted basements
  • install reliable WiFi outdoors to gardens and summer-houses
  • multi-room intercoms and paging (useful to find the kids!)
  • guarantee extraordinary performance
  • all for a lot less than you probably think

So, if you’re about to install WiFi, extending your system or just thinking about the future, why not give us a ring now to see the world of difference that having Invisible Network working for you could make!

Your building, your budget, your preference. You only have to ask.