Restaurants, Coffee Shops, Pubs, Eat and Meets

Look around your bar or restaurant and the odds are that several of your patrons will be admiring their smartphones. Many of you will have recognised this and will have decided to offer customers free WiFi as a way of enticing them to stay longer or come again. Some of you will have regulars who manage to make a coffee last all morning as they make use of your WiFi kindness.

It could be doing so much more.

What if everyone could follow you on Facebook, Twitter or even LinkedIn en route to being connected? And in doing so you were able to collect all their Email addresses and other information too? How useful would that be for your on-going marketing? All their friends could become your friends…just like that.

Think of it like this: For your customers Invisible Network WiFi offers a quicker way to get on line. Instead of the lengthy process of typing their name, address, email, telephone number etc., they simply use FaceBook, Twitter or LinkedIn to log in. It’s really fast!

And for you?

All that information! Names, addresses, phone numbers, email addresses, where they’re from, birthdays… all available for you to use to analyse your customers’ behaviour, with easy to read graphics giving you all the information you want… Allowing you to send them targeted information and offers about your business, or the occasional newsletter or birthday greeting…with everything branded, of course!

There’s another option too: as soon as your customer has logged in you can seamlessly redirect them to a ‘splash page’ with whatever information you want them to know…this week’s special offers, a menu, an events calendar, it’s up to you.

With Invisible Network you can spread your bandwidth equally amongst everyone logged on, and you can limit the amount of time anyone’s on-line too….it’s the ideal solution!

Plus it can be securely used with EPOS and PDQ card payment terminals too. So food and drinks orders and payments can be taken from everywhere throughout your entire building, with total security.

If you’re a café owner, publican, restaurateur, beauty salon owner or run a club, a church or any area with guests and visitors, your business and your customers need WiFi … so why not give us a ring now to see how we could help. Have a look at our Business and Commercial page too to see about billing, content filtering etc.

Your building, your budget, your preference. You only have to ask.