A Very Special Pub

In Bath, there’s an historic free house with live music on the edge of city centre. Since 2013, it has been co-operatively owned by 536 of its customers, fans and workers. It remains, to date, the largest pub buyout project in Britain.

Installing wide-area WiFi presented a number of problems. For a start, it’s a very old Georgian building with thick stone walls. Then there’s the size – it’s a large pub, with a garden and a separate function room behind that. There was also an existing WiFi system in place, but, as with so many other WiFi systems, this presented a considerable risk as it was quite easy to accidentally browse beyond the WiFi system, even to the point of logging in to the accounts system and tills.

Invisible Network was able to help. With the system we installed, security is guaranteed. All guests are now greeted with a friendly ‘what’s on’ list of upcoming bands, and the opportunity to join the mailing list, increasing take-up from an average 15 a month to over 80 in the first three weeks. Our system can also track whether customers have been before, how long they stay and what their preferences are, making targeted marketing very easy for the management team.