Hotel and Guesthouse WiFi

Did you know:

  • 95% of business travellers say they need WiFi at their hotel or guesthouse
  • A poor WiFi experience influences 36% of business travellers on whether they re-book that specific hotel or guesthouse again in future
  • 79% of business travellers return to the same locations on business trips – 22% do this frequently

Which makes us ask:

Is your WiFi fast enough?

Does it reach every room and floor?

Is it secure?

Invisible Network guarantees to make your WiFi stronger, more reliable and work for you in all kinds of clever ways. With our help, you won’t have to think about WiFi again, leaving you time to focus on your guests’ other needs. After we’ve finished, the WiFi at your accommodation or guesthouse could feature:

  • Billing (you could offer ‘paid for’ or ‘free’ WiFi)
  • Content filtering (you could ban specific sites or stop unwanted web applications from running)
  • Provisioning (we ensure every device you need is set up for you on the system)
  • Detailed monitoring (everything watched over on your behalf)
  • SSL certificates for encrypting information (to guarantee your security)
  • Authentication (you choose who is and isn’t allowed to connect)
  • Revenue reporting (detailed cost analysis if you chose for people to pay for WiFi by usage)
  • User statistics (‘Deep Packet Analysis’ to see who has visited what, where and when)

Everything looked after for you in full. Never worry about your WiFi again. Why not call us to see how we can help?

“Mark is always available to talk through any general computing queries. His knowledge is second to none, but he doesn’t try to baffle you with the science. I’m proud to say he has, for us, become a household name for all the best reasons.”- Hazell Construction, Radstock

Your building, your budget, your preference. You only have to ask.