A Large Field in Somerset

We don’t really talk a lot about this, largely because it’s something we’ve been doing for many years – for the love, not the money. In fact, we run this free of charge. Nonetheless, we are sharing this example because we were the first to provide access to WiFi on the site, many years before it became publicly available. (We still have fond memories of all the journalists making their way to our acoustic area to get a signal and file their reports.)

We were also the first to come up with a complete ticketing and accreditation system, able to produce passes on site, there and then. The system had barcoding and could even locate a missing band member, as well as control all the onsite catering. This was at a time when electronic systems of that type were unheard of at festivals or anywhere else. Believe us when we say that that all this was no mean feat, especially when you remember that this was in the days before handheld phones became the norm. We were even making whole desktop computers run reliably outdoors in the muddy fields.

Why tell you this? To let you know that we’ve been involved in Networking and WiFi for far longer than most, and that you can trust us to find exactly the right solution for any project you may be looking at, big or small.