Inclusive Design

Inclusive Design, also know as Multigenerational Living, is defined as a product or service that is accessible to, and usable by, as many people as possible. For too long, homes have been designed for the young or the old, those with growing families or those downsizing, with no middle ground. They don’t have to be. Inclusive Design means seamless, unobtrusive design that makes a home suitable for all ages and all levels of mobility.

How does this apply to WiFi?

Well, a good WiFi system should be able to do everything, for anyone. This can range from simple Internet browsing, to enabling you to see who’s at the door, or opening curtains and windows – and of course, keeping you connected with friends and family. At Invisible Network, we understand the difference that being able to operate basic systems around the home can make – especially when mobility problems arise.

WiFi gives you the freedom to live the way you want. Why not talk to us about how we can help you?

We also work closely with a group of partner businesses, each of whom is committed to the concept and practice of Inclusive Design. They are:

Designate: A unique, health-focused, interior design service creating beautiful spaces for aspirational living and working. Designate are specialists in 21st Century Inclusive Design, and design lifetime homes, leisure and work-spaces for people who are well or who have minor or major health conditions. Designate is passionate that medical conditions should be managed with dignity and that all generations should be able to use and enjoy the same spaces.

Total Bathrooms: Bath’s leading supplier and installer of bathrooms. Total Bathrooms stocks a huge range of high quality brands at competitive prices. Nothing is too much trouble for the staff whose knowledge is extensive and whose service is always excellent. They have an Inclusive Design showroom, so their commitment to All Age Living is exemplary.

1st Choice Stairlifts: On a mission to make a difference to their customers’ quality of life, 1st Choice helps to keep you safe on your stairs and in the home you love, so you can live your life, your way. No matter if your stairs are narrow or steep or there’s an awkward landing, 1st Choice haven’t yet come across a staircase they couldn’t fit a lift to.