Slow, Rural Broadband?

Slow, Problem Broadband and Rural WiFi

Do you live in a remote or rural area with slow broadband? Are you having endless problems which your ISP can not fix? Have you been repeatedly told it can not be made any better? 

If so, do not worry – the Invisible Network Team can help!  With specialist solutions to install fast WiFi into areas that others can not reach and improve the most difficult of locations.  In many cases increasing WiFi coverage, speed and performance quite dramatically.

Here’s a typical case.    They recently visited a farm location in a deeply rural area.  Broadband was painfully slow and on top of that, frustratingly temperamental.  Over two years of calls to their ISP, visit after visit from BT, matters had become despairing with endless ‘repairs’ barely discernible.  Finally achieving just an intermittent 1Mbps – which was still effectively no broadband at all.

At that point Farmer Giles (not his real name) was recommended to Invisible Network by his IT Support company.

As with many farms, diversification has been the order of the day and some of the outbuildings had been converted into smart Bed and Breakfast accommodation – their guests were demanding broadband too as most B&Bs now have to offer.

Using their specialist knowledge, expertise and some extremely powerful diagnostic instrumentation within just a few short weeks they were able to replace the broadband connection to not just get broadband working at almost 20 times the previous speeds – but also with rock solid reliability.

Broadband coverage now across the entire farm, both indoors and out, all the guest areas now with strong WiFi, the whole farmhouse too and everything secured from the business needs indoors.   Guests can browse quickly and securely from anywhere across the whole grounds. Leaving happy Trip Advisor reviews from inside their accommodation.

The moral of this story is that even if you have been told your WiFi can not be improved, or your problems can not be fixed, or that you can not get faster broadband – well, this is just not the case.   With a whole armoury of creative, ingenious and dedicated solutions, whoever told you that may just not yet have heard of expert WiFi Improvements company called Invisible Network.

It is amazing what they can do.

Why not call now on 01225 434343 to see how they can help you!