Twisted pairs

There’s nothing more frustrating than for you to spend hours installing an all-singing WiFi system in your home, only to find that it doesn’t work. And even more frustrating  – when it seems to work some of the time and not others.

The answer? Ask Invisible Network to perform full Home WiFi Improvements.

That’s what customer Olly Norton did when his new system was causing him problems. It didn’t take us long to discover what was going on – it was twisted pairs. Using a very clever and extremely expensive piece of testing equipment, we were able to identify which of the several access points had been wired incorrectly, check each for a good signal and advise Olly how to correct the problem.

His comment?

I have a lovely neat cabinet downstairs with a patch panel, switch and router all enclosed within. Fixing the split pairs in the wiring has made the world of difference. I’m getting between 2 and 3 times the speeds I was before but crucially the intermittent and unreliable performance has gone. Most brilliant of all is the wired backbone now works exactly as I originally wanted and I have been able to add access points without issue in about 2 minutes. Given that I have spent dozens of hours of frustration trying to set these up previously and just been unable to get it to work as it should; this is simply a delight!

I would never have found that split pair problem and would have remained frustrated and annoyed that I was unable to set up a simple wireless network. Who knows how long I would have put up with slow, unreliable internet and patchy wifi.

Thanks to your service I now have super-fast and reliable wifi coverage in every part of my home and garden – and you can quote me on that!!