WiFi in every Care Home

 A leading Care Home provider, Four Seasons, recently announced that they were installing WiFi into all of their 350+ Homes.

Why would they do that? Here are just a few reasons-

WiFi will:

Enhance the quality of life for residents

  • benefit visiting families
  • offer smart TV in residents own rooms
  • enable residents to watch online movies with services such as Netflix
  • enable voice activated personal assistants to be used to look up news, or events, play games, listen to radio, music, hear audio books
  • allow residents to control their own room lighting or heating –  just by voice
  • enable smart lighting, Alexa, Google Home and more
  • give additional methods of communication – Skype and other online video calling.
  • Residents will be able to read the news and keep up with current affairs;
  • and keep in touch with friends and relatives by Facebook, Facetime or Skype
  • receive newsy emails from loved ones and arrange visits
  • watch videos of activities they used to love in previous times
  • watch TV on catch up channels streamed to their tablet
  • pass the time using apps and games
  • and download books to read and discuss with carers and other residents

Make staff more productive

  • lead to increased simplicity and productivity – staff may securely look up / change / modify / care plans ‘live’
  • give full secure coverage to offices, nursing stations and communal areas
  • allow staff to speak to residents – without needing to visit their room

WiFi enables increased standards of care through the use of new care planning and monitoring technology.

..and for Management:

Every year sees an increasing number of residents and family members that don’t just want WiFi, but expect it and favour care homes that can guarantee WiFi in all bedrooms.

Invisible Network offers:

  • Total security for management, staff, residents and guests
  • Over 30 years’ experience
  • 100% cover guaranteed, even in older complex buildings with thickest of walls
  • Secure isolation – separate networks for residents and visitors segregated from, for example, management and staff
  • Everything looked after for you
  • Support, Upgrades, Monitoring and Maintenance
  • Up to lifetime system warranty

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