Home WiFi Improvements


If you have great WiFi:


Have you thought about all the wonderful things you can do with it?

WiFi is the gateway to all home technology, from multi room sound systems and televisions to controlling lighting, heating and home appliances from the comfort of your computer, iPad or tablet – or even by the power of your voice. These systems are available now, and they’re surprisingly affordable… and invaluable for anyone with mobility problems too.

Things we could help you do include:

  •  Smart lighting / smart TV
  •  Integrating whole-house Google Home / Amazon Echo (Alexa) systems
  •  Smart heating systems, such as Hive and Nest
  •  Sound systems, including Sonos and Bose
  •  improve your WiFi speed

… as well as  boost overall WiFi coverage and performance.

For more great ideas have a look at our Future-Proofing your Home page

But what if your WiFi isn’t so hot…

Perhaps you’ll be experiencing

  • A slow, unreliable connection
  • Frustrating dropouts
  • Difficulty in connecting in some areas of the house but not others
  • Buffering or intermittent performance
  • Problems with your home network
  • A poor WiFi signal

Have you maybe thought it’s because your house is large, or old, or spread out? You’re probably right. Why not start by calling us to find out about our unique Home WiFi Survey and Improvements?

Unique Home WiFi Improvements Solution

We’re experts at overcoming every problem that WiFi can throw at us.  Our experienced, friendly WiFi experts visit you with state of the art diagnostics, WiFi scanning and repair tools to ensure you get connectivity wherever you want it. We can:

  • fix frustrating, unreliable connections
  • eliminate dead spots
  • extend coverage throughout your whole home
  • setup home technology
  • boost overall speed and performance;
  • to every area of your whole home, on all floors
  • on every level right from attics to basements
  • indoors and out

We’re experienced in all kinds of installations, including Grade 1 Listed Buildings, with network technologies designed to minimise disruption by making use of existing wiring already there. Plus clever, professional ‘boosters’ that aren’t available from shops.

With specialists in the use of the correct analytic tools to optimise and strengthen your signal to give you a reliable connection with the minimum of fuss.

What happens on the day?

One of our friendly, experienced Engineers will visit you to establish which rooms, areas, grounds and even outbuildings you want your WiFi to cover. We assess the broadband speed available and the performance possible to work out and optimise your own setup to perform the best it can possibly be.

Very often improvements can be made there and then, on the day to give an immediate and sometimes dramatic increase in performance resulting in industrial strength WiFi in areas of your own home you never dreamed possible, and all included as part of our low cost, fixed fee service.

And if you’re not in a fast Broadband area, it’s not a problem.  We have successfully installed some of the fastest WiFi anywhere in the very remotest of locations. Invisible Network covers parts other WiFi fails to reach.

Sometimes where additional equipment is required, this can even be fully set off against the survey fee to guarantee affordable, fantastic results every time. So why wait?  Give the friendly team at Invisible Network a ring now on 01225 434343 to find out if a survey is available in your area.

Bath WiFi Improvements at their very best.

Your building, your budget, your preference. You only have to ask.